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In the world today, we research services, products and people before making any decisions about them, which is why it is increasingly important to protect yourself against damaging search results.

Our reputation management services will monitor and safeguard your reputation against negative content and build positive search results around you, your business or product.


We take a three part approach to cleaning your online profile, focusing on removing unwanted content, introducing new content and highlighting positive existing content.

Removing Content

We work to remove unfavourable articles, blogs and videos by personal outreach, amending negative content if appropriate and taking legal action where necessary.

New Content

We increase the appearance of positive content in order to control and manage the online profile of yourself, business or product.

Existing Content

We increase the search ranking of existing positive content. This will push the negative content down in the search results.


We guarantee to handle our clients’ cases with discretion and care.

Online Reputation Monitoring

We monitor and report on your online reputation or the reputation of your business, and alert you to any negative content that appears.

Crisis Management

If your reputation is being damaged due to negative content online, we will eliminate it and generate new positive content to represent you or your brand the way you want to be represented.

Ongoing Reputation Management

This service combines Online Reputation Monitoring and Crisis Management. We will monitor your online reputation, alert you to negative content and remove it as it appears.

PR Partnership

Bell Yard Communications advise individuals and companies who find themselves embroiled in sensitive situations and require communications advice.

From a charity discovering an employee fraud, to a company subjected to regulatory enforcement action; from a law firm whose partner faced political scrutiny to a threatened exposé of a business person’s sexual conduct; Bell Yard have counselled such clients through the spectre of public disclosure.

In rare cases will a “no comment” approach suffice. The strategic aim is usually to explain, contain, adjust and move on. Careful preparation, realism and composure are key.

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